Eating like a 5 year old

I’ve been in a bit of a food slump lately. Protein, specifically meat has been super unappealing. I’m eating just to get by.. Because I’m not super excited to eat anything. The only things that sound mildly palatable are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and quesadillas. (Just like a 5 year old right? I might as well throw in some goldfish and gummy bears)
In an attempt to not throw my diet completely out the window I have slightly improvised. (Shockingly I’ve even lost a couple!)
Enter Tumaro’s low carb wraps.


These things are great. They taste way better than low carb tortilla type wraps I have tasted in the past, and they only have 5-7 net carbs depending on the variety. They are also very versatile. Normally I just put some mustard on one with a few pieces of turkey and some cheese and roll it up. I have also used it for tacos and burritos (even my fiancée likes them!). They work for quesadillas.. And though it’s not the most amazing.. A peanut butter and jelly wrap is okay.. Just a vessel really, to get the PB&J deliciousness into your mouth 😉
Other than that I’ve also been making smoothies. Here’s the one I made this morning:

Plain organic yogurt
A banana
Frozen peaches
Frozen raspberries
A tablespoon of coconut oil
Orange juice
Stevia to taste


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