No excuses

As I walk around San Francisco and ponder quitting my gym membership because I prefer to be outside, I realize all the possibilities around me. The steep hills of San Francisco are an endless jungle gym of cardio activities, and with pretty amazing weather 9 months of the year. So if you live in San Francisco there really are no excuses.







Not to mention inspiration to make a lot more money. Oh how I love brick. ❤️

I want to live here.

2 thoughts on “No excuses

  1. Beautiful pictures! I would DIE to live in San Francisco. I’m not terribly far from there, About 13 hours. I know where my next vacation is! Totally want to plan this. ROAD TRIP!

    Last time we drove down to California we stopped briefly in San Francisco on our way to Los Angeles.

    This time I want to STAY in San Francisco. My cousin lives down there. I should get in touch with her.

    Thanks for the great pictures!

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