Trying to avoid showing the goods


The eternal search for a fabric that wasn’t just an illusion of clothing began a few days ago. I decided it was time to get some more yoga/gym workout pants. I went to The Gap as that’s where I have had success in the past and they were having their 40% off sale. I have refused to even try on Lululemon pants as they are pricey and I’m sure I’ll become addicted like everyone else. Their recent problem with sheer yoga pants brought the issue to light, and it has been a big topic of conversation amongst the ladies in the salon. I decided to do the spread ’em and bend over tactic (I’m sure any eyes in the sky in The Gap dressing room were thoroughly enjoying themselves).
To my horror not only could you see my entire ass but you could also see the color of my underwear. Flashbacks of bending over in front of the mirror in the middle of my crowded gym raced through my mind. Could it be? All this time? I went with a few sports bras, racerback tanks, and complained about the new see through workout pants to the cashier.  I’m sure he was too busy thinking about how much he hates bitches like me to really care.  I tried to say it with a smile, and a bit of a plea of desperation, hoping he’d understand my plight, and contact the Gap gods.
I hurried home and immediately put on my old Gap workout pants and put them to the test.  Just picture me doing an awkward squat while backing up closer and closer to my fiancee while he’s studying for finals.  Nope, not see through.. sigh of relief. Obviously The Gap is now cutting corners, and doesn’t care about everyone behind me in yoga seeing my whale tail.
After a little online research I decided to go check out Athleta. This store (sister to The Gap), located in a super cute brick building in the trendy pacific heights shopping boutique area, was very intriguing. So many cute patterns and different cuts! The sales girl swore their pants had a special technology so you couldn’t see through them. I grabbed a bunch and started trying them on. Same. Damn. Problem. Ugh. Why did she lie to me? My ass isn’t really that big.. it really shouldn’t be stretching the limits of a yoga pant.  She says she doesn’t wear underwear under her pants.  Great, because you know what I’d rather show through my transparent pants than underwear… yea, problem solved.
So one last ditch effort I texted a friend to see what she wore. She swears by Zella from Nordstrom. I already had a few Zella items, and thought they were high quality so why not go give it a try. At the very least Nordstrom has the best policies so I could always return them if they weren’t washing right etc. I found a few pairs I like a lot.. And they are almost totally opaque. I say almost because let’s be real, it’s just about physically impossible to not have any sheerness when stretched to the limit in happy baby pose or whatever.
So there it is.. My vote is with Zella, and they cost about the same amount as The Gap.
(The pants pictured are actually from The Gap.. I just won’t wear those ones to yoga) 😉

5 thoughts on “Trying to avoid showing the goods

  1. People just become so obsessed with them. I have a coworker who wears Lululemon to work as a hairstylist because she loves them so much. Not sure about their business practices.. but I don’t want to become a slave to the label.

  2. I also refuse to pay so much for Lululemon. I had their yoga pants many years ago, and I didn’t see any special. In order to save some money, I normally head to Winners (TJ MAX, etc) to look for them. Last year I was lucky to find Nike pants and I am super happy with them (and their price! I think I paid $20 tops!).


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