My latest obsession

I am one of those people who is constantly researching what’s healthy and what’s not. I try to use glass or stainless steel when at all possible. I buy almost everything organic. I use makeup free of nano particles and known carcinogenic ingredients. So when I read an article about how
k-cups contain BPA, I had to find a safe alternative.
One day my father told me about the bulletproof upgraded coffee. I looked into it, and as it turns out, most coffee contains mycotoxins, a kind of mold that is toxic to your health. Add running heated water through a k-cup made with BPA and you’ve suddenly got a daily dose of nastiness.
I actually just started drinking coffee.. Well actually espresso about two years ago. With all the recent research about how coffee has now been found with have lots of health benefits, I justified making it a part of my daily routine. I bought one of those Starbucks Verismos for our place. It’s been great. It makes coffee and espresso, but I’m just not crazy about this BPA mycotoxin thing.
All the info I have been able to find online says that arabica coffee beans that have been washed or wet processed are considerably cleaner and more than likely free of mycotoxins. I went to bed bath and beyond with the intent of buying a coffee grinder and a moka pot to brew my espresso. Apparently you need a slightly upgraded version of a coffee grinder called a burr grinder for grinding espresso to nice fine even consistency. While I was looking at the moka pots I noticed something called an aeropress. I looked it up online and it had great reviews. I decided to give it a whirl.


You take a little filter and put it in the bottom cap and then screw it onto the tube

Then place that on top of your coffee cup

Then pour your freshly ground coffee into the tube

Slowly pour hot water into the tube with the espresso grinds

Take the mixing wand and stir the hot water and espresso for about 5-10 seconds

Then take the plunger and slowly push it through the tube pushing the espresso into the cup

I always add a little trader joes organic stevia (it’s the best tasting one I have found)

I also have this awesome milk foamer which makes the perfect latte

I am loving my new latte setup! It looks like a lot of work but it’s actually quite easy.. Especially once you get the routine down. I also just found some awesome organic washed coffee beans online that I am loving.
You can make regular coffee in the aeropress as well, and even cooler we can take it camping with us!

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