You get what you pay for …


Every now and then.. Or actually quite often, I find myself feeling frusterated by the cost of living in San Francisco. I was born in San Francisco, and raised just over the Golden Gate Bridge. I love San Francisco, my heart is truly here. The price of rent has quickly risen in the past few years to that comparable with New York City. Thoughts of Portland, Seattle, and even Austin regularly cross my mind. Then there are days.. Days like today.. When it’s 65 degrees outside, and my fiancée and I both have the day free to do as we like. Just 10 minutes in any direction and we can be at the beach, on the Golden Gate Bridge, in Golden Gate Park, or in the hustle bustle of downtown SF, Hayes Valley, and the Mission just to name a few.
Today we decided to go for a nice walk by the beach, grab a drink at the Park Chalet, and then get some lunch at a nearby local hangout. A little Friday Funday if you will. And then I was reminded.. As I often am, that you truly do get what you pay for.


4 thoughts on “You get what you pay for …

  1. Today really was gorgeous! I grew up here too and get so frustrated it is so expensive to live where I grew up. I love SF more than anything and have to step back on days like today and soak in just why we are willing to pay so much. You get what you pay for and MAN we get oh so much 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by and commenting @thefogfancy (love the name btw). Though I am one of those strange people who really does love the fog, it is nice to have all this sunshine as well!

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