One of my absolute favorites

ImageDo you have tangly hair?  Chemically treated hair?  Long hair?  Dry hair?  Do you wish your hair was softer? There are only a few products I have worked with that are as versatile and effective as this one.  The 7 Seconds Detangler from Unite.  This is not just a detangler.  It is also a leave in conditioner, UV protectant, and thermal (heat) protectant.


It smells like a tropical vacation.. and in the best possible way (a lot of people want to buy it based solely on the smell).  It makes your hair feel soft and manageable.  It contains a balance of protein and moisture, which seals the cuticle.  It is great for every day use, especially on color treated hair.  I use it on about 80% of my clients, the exception being if they have very very fine limp hair.  The entire line of Unite products is one of my favorites I have ever worked with in my 16 years in the industry.


*note: this is a line of products only carried in salons.  

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