One of the cheapest most effective beauty secrets

I learned this one from miss Katrin.
You look in the mirror and you see it surfacing.. Or you feel it.. And you know it’s coming.. A PIMPLE. That horrible feeling of knowing you’re going to have to walk around with a third eye for the next 3-5 days.
This is where the cheapest (around $5), easiest remedy comes in, and you can find in tons of stores.. TEA TREE OIL

20140129-082056.jpgJust dab a little on clean skin (on the problem area of course), and POOF!… It’s normally gone by the next day. It’s a natural antibacterial anti fungal .. So it’s pretty good at wiping out whatever the source of the problem and soothing any inflammation. I just had to use it last night.. And this morning it’s about 80% better! I will put a little more on before I apply my makeup today and I’m pretty sure it’ll be 100% by the end if the day.
Try it!

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