Samples, Samples, Samples

The other day my client and I were discussing different skin care and makeup brands, what works and what doesn’t.  As I was rambling on about the benefits of this, that and whatever, she asked me what I do with all the professional samples I receive on a weekly basis.  So I thought I would share with you so hopefully you will take advantage of them too.945ba301c63d2d1b3c9ccea9ff4d6235

Samples:  A company will give you just enough to try but not to really see results, am I right? It’s just enough to get you hooked on the smell, formula and to see if you are sensitive to it.  Great! But what if you don’t love it on your face? Or it doesn’t mix well with your B&B, C&C or makeup you are using?  There are many lines out there that have amazing ingredients but the formula is all wrong. You will find many organic lines like this.  I collect them in a separate bin in my bathroom (just a small one from the Container Store) and will use it on my neck, chest and hands or anywhere else I might need it.  Brightening Cream? Ding! Use it on your elbows, knees or wherever you have an old scar or darker skin.  Retinol sample? Back of the hands and forearms people! Skin is skin remember. What will work on your face might not work as fast on your body but it will still help.

Or if you just hate the sample, and you didn’t use it all and it still looks decent, give it to a friend! You might hate it, but they might love it and love you for introducing it to them!



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