Just get out there.. NOW!


Occasionally we all have the mornings where we slept too long, or dilly-dallied around online and use that as an excuse not to workout. We all know there are alternatives.. But sometimes you need to be reminded.
That’s what this post is.. Just a reminder.
I spent my morning writing thank you cards to my clients for holiday gifts. Then all of a sudden I was in that time frame of “oh no.. I don’t have enough time to get to the gym!.. Oh well”
Most of us can make time for a quick brisk walk or jog around your neighborhood.
The result.. Feeling good. Being healthy.. And often you get to see some good scenery (thanks to living in California where the weather is normally pretty awesome)


3 thoughts on “Just get out there.. NOW!

  1. I am SO SO SO SO jealous of you living in Cali. Not only that I love California (especially, SF), but also the all year round warm weather that you guys have there! Can’t wait for the spring to come in Montreal.

    On a side note, i totally agree with your message. There are too many excuses and to little planning. We should make a healthy lifestyle a priority!


    • Yeah, winter is definitely not the best time of the year to visit, unless you want to go skiing or snowboarding 😀 However, it’s really strange, but the temperatures have been really mild over the past couple of days (I’m loving it!!!). If ever you’re planning on coming here, come in summer. There are plenty of festivals and things happening. You’ll love it.


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