Water, water…. WATER!


We all need it…. WATER

… But how many of us actually drink enough?

Happy 2014!  Many of us are working on our New Years resolutions.. I personally try not to make them as I generally fail… but I am always working on goals!

One of the things I definitely don’t do is drink enough water.  Its no secret that water is essential to our survival.. or that it helps stave off hunger, helps skin look more youthful and hydrated, cleanses and detoxifies our bodies, and generally keeps things in working order.  It is basically the fountain of youth.

In my constant search for ways to better myself, I decided to search for an app to remind myself to drink enough water.. and voila! (shocking I know.. as if there wasn’t an app to remind you to tie your shoes before walking out of the house).. Let me present to you Waterminder!  This useful little app has information on the suggested amount of water you should drink during the day.  It allows you to set the amount you want to drink everyday, create custom amounts of water that you generally drink at a time, and even reminds you throughout the day to drink drink drink away!

As you drink you fill up with water (as seen in below image) until you are totally full and have completed your goal

water halfwaywater75%

It has really helped me so far.. just a little nudge.. nudge, is all it takes.  I have an iPhone BTW.. not sure if the same app is available for droid.. probably, but if not I am sure there is something comparable. 🙂

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