Never hate a picture of yourself again!

We’ve all seen pictures of ourselves where we are shocked, horrified and wanted to crawl into a hole.  Who the heck is that? No way that’s me! Is that a triple chin?? Yes, yes it is. Bummer right?

Well, today I discovered Peter Hurley.  An amazing photographer based out of New York that has mastered the art of a perfect head shot.  Alicia has mastered the “selfie” herself.  Her rules; downward angle and the “skinny arm”.  You all know what I’m talking about! A little twist in the hips, face the camera with your torso, downward angle, chin out and put your arm on your waist. Viola! It has served us ladies well for almost a decade.  

Now, we are graduating to the next level, the Peter Hurley level!  In his videos he talks about “squinching” and “It’s all about the jaw”.  He’s a genius.  Your neck will definitely hurt, your eyes might get tired but like he says “It’s all about looking good”.  On his channel you can find amazing tips on how to get the perfect lighting, perfect pose etc. Check out the article the Daily Mail did on him here. 

Man squinchingsquinching

You tube videos below.  Enjoy!

It’s all about the Squinch!

It’s all about the Jaw!

That’s all for now folks!


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